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Volume 7 Issue 8, Pages 915 – 923 Published Online: 12 August 2008 Journal compilation © 2008 Blackwell Publishing Ltd

Measuring Behaviour Conference, August 2008, Maastricht, the Netherlands
Posters presented about the Phenotyper on the 6th International Conference on Methods and Techniques in Behavioural Research

Commissie van Wijzen Midtermevaluatie Bsik projecten en Advies (Dutch only)
Bsik subsidieert 37 consortia – samenwerkingsverbanden van kennisinstellingen en bedrijven – die samen een onderzoeksproject uitvoeren. NeuroBsik is één van de 37 consortia. N.a.v. de midterm evaluatie bracht op 29 april 2008 de Commissie van Wijzen verslag en advies uit aan de aan de Voorzitter van de Werkgroep ICES/KIS. Informatie over NeuroBsik staat op pagina 121.

Testing behaviour in the home cage
Animal behavioural research is hampered by intrinsic limitations. Bringing animals from their familiar nesting area to a testing environment already is a major stressor which interferes with subsequent experiments, especially when psychosocial factors are involved. Ideally, researchers would conduct experiments in the very home cage environment the animals feel comfortable. Dr. Leonie de Visser successfully defended her PhD thesis on January 14th 2008 at Utrecht University. Her central question was whether a stimulus can be found that differentiates between normal and over-anxious mice in a home cage environment

Procedure for generating random mutations in mouse genes NeuroBsik Gene
Trapping Approach

Home Cage Assessment
The difference between a normally carried out behaviour test and the home cage assessment explained.