The consortium consists of five Dutch scientific research institutes and two commercial companies. The participating neuroscience groups are recognized as leaders in the international field of phenotyping rodent models, and as a whole they cover the entire spectrum from peripheral disorders and motor systems to cognition and memory dysfunctions.

  • Erasmus University Medical Center, represented by the departments of Neuroscience (Prof. Dr. C.I. de Zeeuw, Dr. Y. Elgersma, Prof. Dr. J.G.G. Borst) and Cell Biology and Genetics (Dr. ir. N.J. Galjart, Prof. Dr. G.T.J. van der Horst)


  • University of Amsterdam, represented by the Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (Prof. Dr. C.M.A. Pennartz)

  • Synaptologics BV ( Management of expert networks, complex data analysis and visualization, experimental research design.

  • Noldus Information Technology (, an innovative developer of software and instrumentation for animal behavior research. Operating from offices in The Netherlands, Germany and U.S.A, the company serves universities, research institutes and pharmaceutical companies in more than 75 countries.